DC Impeach-Obama Protests Too Weak, So Far

Coal Miners Protest for Impeachment

Coal Miners Protest for Obama’s Impeachment

The anti-Obama protests held in Washington, so far, have been less than exciting. Some have promised the moon but delivered almost nothing. The best impeach Obama protest in DC, yet, has been the one organized by coal miners shown in the image on the right, in which several hundreds took part.

Others do not even have the courage to say the words “Impeach Obama” or demand directly that Congress remove him. This is apparently, because non-profit organizations are involved and the organizers fear their non-profit status could be revoked by Obama’s IRS thugs, if they were to attack Obama too directly and forcefully. 501(c) non-profits have legal limitations on how much they can engage in politics. So, Obama has a tight leash on non-profit organizations and how loudly they can speak out against him. When they have an anti-Obama protest, non-profits have to consult their tax attorneys and kiss Obama’s ring first.

Even a small, energetic and direct protest for Obama’s impeachment and removal would be very significant and encourage people around the country, but it has to be done by people who’s first concern is not the safety of their tax benefits. This seems to have been the case both with the recent protest, Reclaim America Now, organized by Larry Klayman, and the upcoming American Spring protest associated with General Paul Vallely. Neither call for Obama’s removal by Congress, but make vague references to somehow forcing him to resign voluntarily.

Speakers are needed at such events, who are not afraid to stand up and say loudly and clearly that Obama should be impeached and removed from office by Congress. Some names that come to mind are Alex Jones, Ted Nugent, Donald Trump and maybe Michelle Bachmann. Let the media attack, it will just generate more publicity for the cause.

It does not have to be these exact people, but just using them as an example of those very few, who are not afraid to say in public that Obama is an illegitimate president, who has trampled on the Constitution and should be removed. We need a few real firebrands to take a stand and call for Obama’s impeachment, not people who are overly cautious because they are preoccupied with losing their tax benefits. Non-profits for other purposes may be fine, but you cannot suckle from the teat of the IRS and effectively lead a campaign for Obama’s removal at the same time.

If there were well-known speakers, who would really speak out with some determination, force and energy, it should attract a larger crowd. Even a crowd of a couple of thousand would be significant and receive much attention. Also, when the organizer over-hypes the event, promises millions will participate and only a couple hundred show up, it just makes everyone look ridiculous and deflates the entire effort.

The big problem, though, has been that such previous events have seemed too tame, impotent and unexciting. Leave your tax attorneys and accountants at home and forget about your tax benefits. Either get some fire in your bellies or get out of the way.

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