Why has Obama not been Impeached!

Obama has not been impeached and removed, mainly because it has not been demanded by Americans in large numbers in public protest. In order to have a large protest movement, local organizers and local groups are needed. The Tea Party reportedly has 3,000 local groups. The impeach Obama effort has not more than a few dozen local groups. In order to impeach and remove Obama this still budding effort has to grow a lot larger.

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1 Response to Why has Obama not been Impeached!

  1. dajjal says:

    This blog post contains a list of nine impeachment petitions at Petition2Congress:

    Each of them, when signed, can be emailed to Congres, you need only know your Zip Code to do it. One of them has ssnt more than 14K emails. We must make Congress freel the heat. Tell them that Obama goes or they go

    The House Republican majority needs to grow spines and introduce a bill of impeachment. Get the Senate on record ignoing the evidence and covering their ass, so we can turn out the ‘crats and RINOs in the next three election cycles. .

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