Fidel Castro Honored on California Overpass at Chicano Park

Fidel Castro Honored on California Overpass

The CHP and Caltrans allow images of Fidel Castro, Marxist terrorist, Che Guevara and other bizarre, radical anti-American murals to be permanently displayed from California overpasses at taxpayer expense, but they have regularly harassed and have even violently battered anti-Obama protesters on overpasses. The CHP claims that displaying even temporary anti-Obama, freedom-of-speech, protest signs from overpasses is illegal. Protest signs have been removed by the SEIU unionized/communist-infiltrated Caltrans workers. These murals Chicano Park (2065 Logan Ave) in San Diego were recently restored using a $2 million government grant, just before the last election. The City Council of San Diego has paid untold millions for maintenance and upkeep of this Caltrans-owned, city park for decades. The Google “street view” has been modified to show an older view before restoration and to obscure the images. Click photo for more info.

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