Email From An Idiot

Some ignorant person is threatening via email that I could be sued for distributing flyers, sliding them in front doors. Says he:

Please, keep it in mind that you need the approval of the community president as well as the members before you start distributing racially biased flyers or propagating and spreading disunity among residents of the community, this is a private community and you might be inviting a lawsuit from the resident if you failed to comply with the community rules.

They should keep it in mind that the Bill of Rights takes precedence over their silly HOA rules. I can distribute fliers anywhere the public can go, whether it be public or private land. If the public has access to your property, you cannot prohibit an individual simply for exercising their free speech on that land, sorry.

It is also against California law to sue someone to try to stop that person from exercising their free speech. Anyone who tries that can be hit with a counter-suit under the anti-SLAPP law and they will end up paying my court costs.